Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reception at our School

   Two 5B students hung up flyers about child slavery and the boycott at our school with the intention of making other students join the boycott.They went around the school hanging flyers up. Upstairs, downstairs, around the halls were all filled with flyers. We even hung them up in the high school. Later, students from our class found a teacher reading the flyer.The teacher told them she would stop buying non-fair trade chocolate and buy fair trade chocolate.

   Some students dislike this and have decided to tear the flyers down from the walls and throw them in the trash. A student in 6th grade said that she saw kids saying, "I like chocolate, why should I join the boycott?" and throwing them in the trash. Later a 5th grade student saw a crumbled up flyer in the girl's bathroom trashcan.There is a happy ending to the story. The next day, we got 18 students from another 5th grade classroom to sign our protocol.We plan to make the whole school join the boycott.Will you join?  



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