Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"The Dark Side of Chocolate" Review

Have you ever wondered where the chocolate you eat comes from? In "The Dark Side of Chocolate," a film by Miki Mistrati and U. Roberto Romano, it explains how children are forced to work long days with no pay just to pick cocoa. First of all, making the film was very difficult and dangerous. Miki and Roberto had to be careful not to get caught because child slave owners don't want anyone to find out. Also, a man named Andre Kieffer, a French journalist, was kidnapped and most probably assassinated because he was researching about child labor in the Ivory Coast. In addition, the documentary talks about people called traffickers that are payed to kidnap kids. Traffickers trick kids by telling them that they are going to get a better life if they go with them. Also, if the kids the traffickers are taking away try to escape, the traffickers will find a way to still take them. Lastly, the documentary talks about how child slavery is illegal. Slave owners know it is illegal but they still do it anyway. Also, chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry and government and companies have a lot at stake. Slave owners got suspicious while Miki and Roberto were there so they had to flee. In the film chocolate company executives deny that there is child slavery in the Ivory Coast but in the next scene, the first farm the filmmakers go to has child slaves. I recommend "The Dark Side of Chocolate" because it makes you think how child slaves are treated and makes you think what you can do about it.


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